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The Farm; Chapter 1

27 Aug

Our Garden
The greening program, a farm that is and extension of a inner city neighborhood. A little about folks,farm.
(The people)
This day a man in is working on a piece of equipment , he his wearing beautifully colorful attire- sporting a bandanna, Dashiki top, too his funky shorts, create a explosions of color that enhance his vibrant personality. His striking eyes dance with mischief and mirth, his rapid fire cadence adds a element of comedy to his banter- that is fills with humor. The fit, furtive little man is working on a piece of equipment that aid in are cultivating at the farm. When he’s done working on the equipment, he pick up a hoe and perform yeoman like works clearing the weed between rows of vegetable. His earnest effort taking on the task is done, drench in sweat he take a break with the others for some more banter. This likable man is not unlike most folks that come here ( a very youthful looking in his sixties) he volunteer his time, giving to the farm- something he plied most of his life, honest work, tinker and fixing equipment. With that being said each participant has their own reason for coming out to the farm, whether often of infrequent; both are equally welcome out here.
A couple of summer student work to augment the group by doing ‘a bit of the heavy lifting’ in the form of weeding, watering, moving equipment hoses here and there, wheel barrel compost (weeds) to it’s destination; plus any other ad hoc task whether mundane (weeding, watering, counting plants) or something that require youthful energy and muscle. These young individuals are a welcome component of the team. There unbridled vitality and youthful boldness couple with respectful deference to all- make them a good teammate and considered friends.
At the garden/farm participant works in pairs and in solitude. There is a synergetic rhythm to the team, at the days beginning, folks spills out of the van and cars and in a uncanny way fall quietly into roles on a whim or gravitating to their strength, history or passion. The mentors drops into pragmatic role testing the soil water retentions in rows of vegetable, subsequently turning on the appropriate drip line that’s require water that run through the row.
In a perfect environment on a farm like this there is no leaders and followers. But the oldest ones are look at as mentors and granted due respect for their displayed common sense and sage fairness. The group moves forward in a welcoming, collaborate, learning, adapting environment. As a whole the group gravity to the mentors occasionally whom will make suggestion, with in hand the folks are off doing another simple task. If one could imagine seeing the farm and participant through a bird eye view, sans the noise the pantomime will tell the story-serene cooperation-a bit of Jungian unspoken spiritual guidance pulse would see people all shape and sizes,age- going this way and that that, somehow there is a method through actions. Not to suggest it’s a utopian environment…like any workplace ego bump into each other…but dignity is respected and valued.


There is a common dominator out at the farm (for the most parts) folks come out here with a wealth of streetwise skills- survivors.
A middle age man’s is “holding court” with a couple participants. His booming voice lace with conviction, humor and a bit of (tongue in cheek) bluster with and ever present twinkle in his eye, as quick at that, he turns on a dime- pull a headset over his ears, and gives equal measure proficient work (of a production worker) cutting the grass between rows, that’s is in step in line with his cadence and principles. A lady come out weekly for a day, her knowledge of plants dwarf us, -the farm is grateful for her knowledge,and for the seeds and plants she save and nurture respectively- the farm is for the better for her contribution.
Like a sport teams that’s lose people IR-Injured Reserved. Ideally folk come and go out our (farm) at their leisure… other may go on the injured reserve of life that move with the ebb and flow with the month peaks and valley. Nirvana would be, to see folks that come out to the farm and contribute (in a way that fit what they are able to do) and take back with them a fair measure of produce, most likely to a area like inter city neighborhood- an  targeted community . The balance to congregated meal program kitchen  more re- distribution for people that come to the meal program.. The goal -of the farm-can be boil down to one words WELCOME everyone and anyone, anytime. The stewardship of the farm echoes the angency believe and values.
If the spine of the farm is boil down to a few general principles:( 1-to provide fresh vegetable for  congregated weekend meals programs 2- for folks and others, who may on a fixed income can participate (at any level)and can have access to fresh healthy vegetable to take back with them.3-sell the vegetable at the kiosk  in a more than digestible price/quantity meant for folks that budget barrier , the neighborhood that have mini obstacle to access fresh vegetable and fruit . 3b. to share surplus with like minded agencies and churches).
Then the heart and soul of the farm is considerable more for folks and takes in different form and reason.
-to nurture
and many more…

(farm-at large)
The organize planning and the sweat equity for those who contribute (big and small) is echoed in controlled weeds among the vegetables, straight row with healthy plants, buds and flowers emerging into vegetable and fruit on unfetter plants, fields of foliage leaves swaying in the wind reveal endless golden flowers soon to be food, to picture perfect well-kept rows of cut grass between rows. Humble pride is reflective in modest garden/farm. One’s perspective is to be thankful for whose contribute now and before, the infrastructure and good will built up over the years. Benevolent donations the land its sit to the plant that grow on in the farm to the Muskoka chairs (where folks take the refuge from the sun) and many more equally values donation- vast and small.

Folks drift toward a certain vegetable- in a way and seem so natural; could be life history, nostalgia, palate, geographic (harvest crop of this nature back home). There is personal- plant relationship- this is a good thing.
Folks like there vegetables……
D-likes beets
T-like tomatoes
M-like hot pepper
j-like cucumbers
r-like strawberries
…….on and on its kind of instinctive natural unplanned way to shepherd the (vegetable) flock to harvest.
(conversation- humor-resilient)

Conversation develops here unforced, folk learn a little about each other (whilst weeding, planting, and watering) at the same pace that plants the folks are growing –slowly in layers. There always is humor, (it’s the straw that stirs the drink), and at the end of the day it’s the last line of defense. It gives folks balance, perspective; humor come in many forms, at the farm it comes in the form of absurdly this summer, the folk speculate that we drowned tomato in the midst of a summer draught (curly- leave gate). It all taking in stride the folk adapt try to make the wrong right at best as know-how. The tomatoes survive producing fruit…not unlike the people who tend for them.
People are resilient-a segment of folk that may (or may not) come out to the farm for reason take on various form; maybe they have some life bruises-flirt with morality- … whatever. The fact that people come out to the farm is nothing but a good thing, its encompasses a wide range benefit ;maybe be being a part of something bigger than ones selves and be attachment to a program one believe in, maybe a place to make a springboard to something more, maybe a practical exercise to prove to one selves something , anything is still possible if one stay the course, maybe could be community hours for a program, maybe is a lifelong passion for gardening, maybe an easy place to come for ones state of mind, maybe as a therapeutic place for the soul. Maybe there is element of a tender pushes back to life in the form of gardening- reminiscing Dylan Thomas -“Do Not Go Gentle into the Night’ without the ragehere in the garden .
Maybe it’s the vegetables! lots of vegetables for folk who appreciate it

27 Aug

farm chapter 1 (1)

23 Nov
Just found this in archives..a blog ran years age…some trivia question might be moot and dated…I’ll look for more..I think I did about 5 of them.
1/These two Quebec born players, one in Montreal PQ in 1966, and the other in Taschereau PQ in 1955, both had prolific careers in the QMJHL and later in the NHL some called them Lucky. Name them.
2/Played in 9 Grey Cup games, was also a professional wrestler who went by the nickname King Kong. What was his given name.
3/In 75/76 he scored 43 goals for the Leafs while playing with Sittler and McDonald,name this PEI native.
4/ This former Montreal Expos Broadcaster died this February 2011, Ahall of fame centre fielder and one of the famed “boys of summer”.
5/She was a prominent professional Canadian Tennis player, whose father owned the Birmingham Bulls of the WHA and her maternal grandparents were in the brewery industry. It’s all in her name, what was her full name in her playing days.
6/This eccentric Canadian golfer was born in Kitchener Ontario, preferred playing in Canada over the PGA tour, he won back to back Canadian Amateur championships in 55 and 56, this self taught professional considered one of the greatest strikers of the ball in his generation died in 2004 give the mane he went by.
7/ Son of a former CFL Fullback, he himself retired (from CFL) recently to focus on bobsleigh training fulltime. Name him.
8/ His dad Ken was a 4th round pick of the Philadelphia Flyers and was one toughsmokaroo in the OHL in the early 80’s, Uncle Dave was a first round pick of the Quebec Nordiques in 1985, name this Sarnia Sting OHL rookie in 2010/2011,name his father and
9/This colorful former Canadian professional soccer player won three consecutive World Superstar competitions in the late 70’s (a U.S. based made for TV special that pitted the
world’s best athletes in various athletic events.) He passed away in 2008 name him.
10/ This controversial hockey coach spent most of one season as head coach of the Vancouver Canucks before being fired, sandwiched around this stint was a JR coaching
career of varying success, which included coaching some high profile Junior hockey
players such as Tony Tanti , and Bryan Fogarty. He passed away in 2005 name him.
1/Pierre Larouche , Luc Robiltaille
2/Angelo Mosca
3/Errol Thompson
4/Duke Snider
5/Carling Bassett
6/Moe Norman
7/Jesse Lumsden
8/Nick Latta, father Ken Latta, uncle Dave Latta
9/Brian Budd
10/Bill Laforge

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10 Oct


My short story, music, sports story, nostalgia, landmarks…..

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5 May
Misty dog story
I was in  grade 7 which sets us in the late 70’s. My school Agnew A Johnson in Thunder Bay Ontario was an open concept schools (which means not a classic  enclose classroom where there doors that separate them from the hallway). I could looks from my classroom vantage  and see the grade 4 class the grade 1 classes etcetera .
Our dog Misty was part Husky part German Shepard..and we suspect  part wolf.   Any time the doors of our House were opens to talk to somebody or someone going  out or coming in..she would bolt to the door and if she got free..once outside she would create havoc in the neighborhood- she was well known by our neighbors …She would run like a greyhounds up and down our street endlessly. She was known to run full blast with greyhound speed at a child a jump clear over the child and deftly snag there toughs and run greyhound away with her prize.
She was not a mean dog but a menace to be sure. When we all track out of the house in our weekday trek to schools on occasion Misty got out. She had only one weakness-bacon. So if she got out we brought bacon with  us to school. We wave the bacon like a matador do with the cape. Misty would run and leaps and try to snag the bacon on a fly by if you were lucky enough you could grabbed the collar and capture Misty and bring her home. On other occasions you couldn’t  get her and you had to get to school on time.
One time we couldn’t catch her..and then half way through the school day I hear commotion right in the primary section of school..Misty is running full blast in and out of classes  creating havoc in a open concept school..she is running toward the the grade 6-7 student  she have a sock in her mouth, one she procure from an unwitting child in the primary grades. I tell my friend Jeff I have a piece of bacon in my jacket from my previous attempt to catch Misty this morning. I tell Jeff when I wave the bacon ..Misty will try to preform a fly by, be ready when she landed. Misty is running full throttled at me I wave the bacon..too say the least its a bit of a speculate —  we have a captive audience of 100+ student , teachers, principals.janitor  etcetera. We preform the capture beautifully. Once captured Misty wants to holds her ground.. doesn’t be led home by her collar…I said I can pick up her front and tell Jeff to carry her back end..I look at the teacher  a say “can we lea..” he wave his hand  has if to say..”yes go…go..please”.
Jeff and I carry my beloved dog,(content look on Misty face).. a block to our home.. like the way in medieval European time the way they carry princess ..queens..Kings.

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28 Dec

My short story, music, sports story, nostalgia, landmarks…..

Staal reunion: Rangers’ Marc faces Eric, Jordan and the ‘Canes

2 Nov



Saturday night will be a special one for the Staal family.

At Madison Square Garden, Marc Staal will face his brothers Eric Staal and Jordan Staal for the first time in the same game. We’ve heard plenty about the Staal family anytime they’ve faced each other one-on-one, but this is the first time all three of the NHL-playing brothers will square off against each other.

As Marc tells Steve Zipay of New York Newsday, it’ll be quite the experience.

“I’m sure I’ll see a lot of either of them. When you’re up against one, it’s kind of easy to know when he’s on the ice, or if I’m matched up, but two of them . . . It’s going to be two of those faces all the time.”

At least they have all that family experience to build off of to know more of what it’s like to play…

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