23 Nov
Just found this in archives..a blog ran years age…some trivia question might be moot and dated…I’ll look for more..I think I did about 5 of them.
1/These two Quebec born players, one in Montreal PQ in 1966, and the other in Taschereau PQ in 1955, both had prolific careers in the QMJHL and later in the NHL some called them Lucky. Name them.
2/Played in 9 Grey Cup games, was also a professional wrestler who went by the nickname King Kong. What was his given name.
3/In 75/76 he scored 43 goals for the Leafs while playing with Sittler and McDonald,name this PEI native.
4/ This former Montreal Expos Broadcaster died this February 2011, Ahall of fame centre fielder and one of the famed “boys of summer”.
5/She was a prominent professional Canadian Tennis player, whose father owned the Birmingham Bulls of the WHA and her maternal grandparents were in the brewery industry. It’s all in her name, what was her full name in her playing days.
6/This eccentric Canadian golfer was born in Kitchener Ontario, preferred playing in Canada over the PGA tour, he won back to back Canadian Amateur championships in 55 and 56, this self taught professional considered one of the greatest strikers of the ball in his generation died in 2004 give the mane he went by.
7/ Son of a former CFL Fullback, he himself retired (from CFL) recently to focus on bobsleigh training fulltime. Name him.
8/ His dad Ken was a 4th round pick of the Philadelphia Flyers and was one toughsmokaroo in the OHL in the early 80’s, Uncle Dave was a first round pick of the Quebec Nordiques in 1985, name this Sarnia Sting OHL rookie in 2010/2011,name his father and
9/This colorful former Canadian professional soccer player won three consecutive World Superstar competitions in the late 70’s (a U.S. based made for TV special that pitted the
world’s best athletes in various athletic events.) He passed away in 2008 name him.
10/ This controversial hockey coach spent most of one season as head coach of the Vancouver Canucks before being fired, sandwiched around this stint was a JR coaching
career of varying success, which included coaching some high profile Junior hockey
players such as Tony Tanti , and Bryan Fogarty. He passed away in 2005 name him.
1/Pierre Larouche , Luc Robiltaille
2/Angelo Mosca
3/Errol Thompson
4/Duke Snider
5/Carling Bassett
6/Moe Norman
7/Jesse Lumsden
8/Nick Latta, father Ken Latta, uncle Dave Latta
9/Brian Budd
10/Bill Laforge

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