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Terry Fox Run

13 Sep

The reasons I partake in the annual Terry Fox run.
Its Saturday September the 13, here in St Catharines we’re socked in with grey cloud’s- drizzling and chilly . But somehow I know that tomorrow the cloud will part and the sun will shine and the day will be lovely. Its uncanny that the element are true to the momentous of the day that the Terry Fox run take place.
Everybody have their reasons to run/walk/ bike the Terry Fox run, we all been touch by cancer family, friend, schoolmate, co-worker, teammate… etcetera. People of my vintage came of age about the same time that Terry Fox run across Canada took place. You can see them in the crowd a mist of nostalgia/reverence come over them before the run when a speaker come on and say a couple words about Terry Fox. It hard to believe it been 34 years that Terry Fox embarked on his run. The run has taken on a sustainable life of its own handing down to generation upon generation…. Engaged from day one by schools, community clubs and sport teams on and on.
I grew up in Thunder Bay Ontario, I remember hanging out with my friends among a big crowd awaiting the arrival of Terry running though Thunder Bay. Anticipation excitement was buzzing through the crowd.. high fiving, horse playing with friend and family and then the silence as the crowd disassembled and left with what wasn’t going take place. Later we learned the gravity of the reason that Terry had to stop running.
I overheard my aunt and uncle talking about Terry passing. I was at their camp, I don’t know why I did this but I hopped on their dirt bike and hit the rural dirt road (not far from the place the Terry Fox statue now stands on the edge of Thunder Bay) and unexpected visceral tears came to my eyes as I speeding recklessly down the dirt road. Later I was proud to be a flag bearer at the first Terry Fox run in Thunder Bay.
My thought on Terry Fox these days are less visceral, more like reflective. We keep Terry Fox alive like we keep our memories of our mother and father alive in our mind and heart long after they pass. There are myriad of reasons Terry Fox so resonate today. Maybe the earnest fix on his face, maybe implausible challenge of running a marathon a day through the hot summer, maybe the inner strength and outer shy. It’s all of these thing and many more.
Best put by writer Christie Blatchford “ Terry Fox gave Canada A Dream and Big as a Country”
I just know it will beautiful sunny day that its always is, I’ll donate a very modest and partake in the 5k run after 34 year since Terry Fox run across Canada,the Canadian and beyond are still running.