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Happy Halloween folks..

29 Oct

Purple Super Monster

26 Oct

The Purple Super Monster- Circa 1974 (Halloween story)

I was going through family picture the other day in hopes of finding the picture me in grade  three. I was looking for the picture  I was dress up for Halloweens that year. I went out that night (very reluctant) as a Purple Super Monster. I know this picture exist, but I can’t find it but I can still see that picture in my mind, the embarrassment  I felt behind the plastic mask I wore of a ghoulish monster  with eyeball dripping halfway down his face complete with a purple cape  and purple tights,  bottom and top. That days started much earlier in the day, my very  rememberable parade, that  old  tradition of parading  through the school  in your Halloween nifty outfit. That was a day you can express and reveal a little of your inner hero. Other guys  were dressed as Robin Hood,  Superman, Hockey players other young girl were dressed as Ballerina, Pretty Fairy , Raggedy Anne, etcetera .But what was I crying out to the world in my Purple Super Monster….help me!

I remember not buying what my Mom what selling that day. She knew I like purple and we had a mask of this ghoulish  monster lying  around the house and voila! a new super hero complete with cape- hey it  was the early 70’s  Hippy Diddy. I still remember my mom boiling my underwear’s in Purple dye on the stove. The day starting with me  walking to school with reticent in my purple dye long underwear complete with poop hatch in the back, pee hatch in the front and unmistakable pattern of a grid square throughout in its texture. It looked more like me wearing long  underwear’s- dye purple than tights worthy of a super hero- good thing I was wearing the plastic mask of ghoulish monster with a eyeball dripping half way down the face hiding my red face wearing underwear in public.

I can remember how many question I field that day, it was numerous and came rapid fire, before I had time to answer one the next question was hurl my way.  Questions from my classmate were  like “why are you wearing purple long underwear at school”? “how come your cape it a pillow case”? (oh that’s was the other stuff boiling in the dye with my long underwear)..” what does super monster do”? I can’t remember how many times I got that very question throughout that day but it with lots? and each reply was different deliver in a in less than confidence voice behind my plastic monster mask. I remember trick and treat that night  a teachers at my school lives near us..he ask me what does Super Monster Do..behind my eyeball dripping mask I answer him…I remember it gave him pause  and gave me a odd look.

During the tour of the school through grade four through eight. The minute I got into the new classroom I became a magnet of I got to grade was a bit of a gong show.. these guys were hippy’s long haired some wispy facial hair, bell bottom jeans with headbands- the girls with long fizzy hairs….”far out! check out super monster!! (I think it was written on the cape..or should say pillow case)  and before long the whole class  was staring at me with mirth and weird question, laughing all the while -I was too young to understand  some of their question about acid..stuff like that.

In retrospect those classmate of mine in their tidy well thought Halloween costume of their hero’s colors should have be appreciated for their outfit. If the principal at the school had a sense of humor he should send them through first-so they got their due appreciation for their costume. And then he should have pipe in over the school intercom Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplanes)  “White Rabbit” while I walk through the classes giving them the full ‘Hunter Thompsonesq’ affect.

On a occasion these forty years later I thinks of the angst I had and the costume I wore and I break out into a good laugh. If I ever finds that picture I will post its. Happy Halloween!

Video: PHT Extra — Change coming to Buffalo one way or another

24 Oct

no kidding its ready blow ..the Sabre need long term change..its a gong show!!


We’re zeroing in on a month of NHL action, so it’s about time for the first edition of PHT Extra. Jason Brough and Mike Halford talk about questionable hits and generally questionable play in Buffalo:

[nbcsports_video src= width=620 height=381]

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Daily Prompt: ______ is the new ______

21 Oct

By its the new him. I don’t think I get this lol??

Jesse Cook — It Ain’t Me Babe (Feat. Melissa Mcclelland) .mp4 Just very cool

20 Oct

Mark Knopfler – Brothers in arms [Berlin 2007] this have more soul -song I can ever think of

20 Oct

saw this a Jesse Cook concert at Brock, Melissa McCelland and Doucet performing “Go Down Mathew” got Chill up my spine listening to this.

20 Oct